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Wojciech Kosikowski


Dr. med. Wojciech Kosikowski

FMH Specialist for Gastroenterology
FMH Specialist for General Internal Medicine


Experienced gastroenterologist since 1990. German language proficiency Extensive interventional spectrum including ERCP, endosonography, puncture, polypectomy, mucosectomy and varicose therapy.

Studied at the University of Basel in 1986 and worked as assistant physician in gastroenterology at the Cantonal Hospital Aarau (Prof. Dr. Franz Lammer). Active in the private health center "Gastromed" in Lublin in Poland since 2002. From October 2019 as Chief Physician at the Hirslanden Clinic in Aarau.




Dissertation on "Influence of blockers of gastric acidity on the serotonin level".

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