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Quality and Performance


We commit ourselves fully and use all our knowledge as gastroenterologists to solve problems. This is what you can expect:


Continually reviewed quality

Regular certification of the specialist title, advanced training of physicians and assistants, exactitude and precision in examinations and correspondence, continuous quality control of all processes.


First-class equipment

Our highly modern, newly built surgery is equipped with the best technology and equipment currently available in Switzerland (Olympus endoscope with high-definition imaging, video endoscopy, close-up technology at nearly microscopic imaging quality, virtual chromoendoscopy: GIF-HQ190, CF-HQ190I and PCF-H190L; newest model Olympus endoscope washing machine EDT4 Basic PAA; most up-to-date ultrasound device, also provides 3D-endosonography: Hitachi Avius. Next generation device für H2 breath testing, including detection of methane and adjustion of CO2.).



How we look after you


However you're feeling: we want you to feel safe and in good hands with us. That is why we take care to keep the atmosphere quiet and relaxed.


A gentle meeting

We treat you with respect, care and reserve. We only recommend examinations and treatments to you which make medical sense.


Multilingual consultations

We speak German, French, Italian and English.


Courteous service

All procedures are well thought through and proven. We also take care of meals before and after the examinations.


Female consultants

Maybe you prefer to have a female medical confidant. Dr Julia Pilz is a committed, open consultant with a solid training background and an excellent reputation as a clinical lecturer.

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