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1. Scope

This website is operated by the following doctors’ surgeries: AMB - Arztpraxis MagenDarm Basel AG in Basel (Aeschenvorstadt 37, CH - 4051 Basel) and MagenDarm Aarau in Aarau (Laurenzentorgasse 7, 5000 Aarau) (hereinafter ‘MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ’ or ‘we’). The WEBSITE is intended for anyone who visits it. The WEBSITE and General Terms of Use are based on the relevant provisions of Swiss law. Anyone who visits the WEBSITE (USERS or ‘you’) agrees to the following terms and accepts the exclusion of liability in particular (Paragraph 7).


2. Changes to the Terms of Use

Changes or amendments to these General Terms of Use and the content of this WEBSITE may be made at any time, without notice, and are effective immediately at the time of publication on this WEBSITE.

3. Access and availability

The USER is not entitled to guaranteed access to this WEBSITE or to the faultless technical availability of the WEBSITE. MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ may block or restrict access to the WEBSITE at any time and without notice.

4. Content

The content on this WEBSITE (CONTENT) is intended solely for the purposes of general information about MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ and the services offered by MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ and to provide general medical information. The information on this WEBSITE pertaining to the services provided by MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ does not constitute a binding request or an offer to the USER. 

- Changes
All CONTENT on this WEBSITE may be changed, expanded or removed by MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ at any time without notice.

- Medical information
We explicitly point out to the USER that medical information found on this WEBSITE is no substitute for a personal consultation and/or examination by a doctor or other qualified medical professional.

- Links
This WEBSITE contains links to websites belonging to other providers. These links are only provided for the sake of usability on this WEBSITE and do not constitute an endorsement of the content found on the other websites. MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ assumes no responsibility whatsoever for other providers’ websites. To find out how your personal data is being used, we recommend reviewing the data protection policies of third-party sites linked to our WEBSITE.


5. Copyright

All CONTENT is the property of MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ and is protected by trademarks, patents, copyright and other rights designed to protect intellectual property. The rights of third parties are reserved.

The USER is only permitted to display, save, print and copy the CONTENT for personal use. When doing so, the USER must not modify the CONTENT, and all copyright and trademark notices must be retained. Any other use of the CONTENT or parts thereof requires the prior written consent of MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ.

Without prior written consent from MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ, the following types of use are prohibited in particular:

  • Any type of circulation, transfer, editing or reproduction of the CONTENT or parts thereof for commercial purposes;

  • Any type of publication of the CONTENT or parts thereof, or any publication of derivative works that are substantially based on the CONTENT or parts thereof. The same applies to non-commercial use;

  • Linking other websites with the CONTENT or parts thereof.


6. Data protection

Information on data protection and how MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ processes personal data can be found in our Data Protection Policy (link).


7. Exclusion of liability

MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ reviews the CONTENT to verify that it is correct and up to date. MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ cannot, however, guarantee that the CONTENT is correct, up to date or complete. MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ rejects any liability for damages experienced by the USER or third parties due to use of the CONTENT on this website.

Nor can MAGENDARM SCHWEIZ guarantee that the WEBSITE is free of viruses or other harmful elements, and it assumes no liability for any damages to the USER or third parties as a result.

8. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The law of Switzerland applies exclusively. Should one or more of these terms of use be or become invalid or partially invalid due to legal provisions, regulations or changes in the law, all remaining terms of use remain unaffected, and the applicable provision that comes closest to the intended purpose of the invalidated provision is to be applied. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Basel.

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