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Dr. med. David Axelos

Dr. med. Lara Hitz

Dr. med. Julia Pilz

FMH Specialists  for Gastroenterology 

FMH Specialists for General Internal Medicine

Welcome to our private practice for gastroenterology and hepatology


In our practices (MagenDarm Basel und MagenDarm Aarau) , we offer a variety of specialist medical examinations and therapies for gastrointestinal complaints, including liver diseases and inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis). Our goal is the careful and best possible treatment in your personal situation. With a well trained staff we guarantee an individual patient care in a pleasant environment.

We adapt our medical infrastructure to the ongoing development, so that we can treat you with the most modern technology. Due to our constant training you will be accompanied with the latest knowledge and the highest standards.


As a so-called referral practise, we usually support you after a recommendation from your GP or a referral from a specialist. We work closely with them for each decision.


We have spent years building strong relationships with our gastroenterological and surgical colleagues in the region, surrounding hospitals and throughout Switzerland. With our excellent network, we can offer you a wide range of high-class services close to your home.

WIr beraten Sie rund um Ihre Ernährung.

Preparation endoscopy

Endoscopy is a procedure by which we can examine and treat hollow organs such as the stomach, intestine or rectum. Our specially trained and experienced team of physicians and specialists will make the examination as pleasant as possible for you and provide you with competent and comprehensive support.

You can find an information video here.

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Irritable bowel syndrome 2.0 - Questions and Answers

Many people suffer from abdominal discomfort, be it flatulence or cramps.
After exclusion of organic diseases, the diagnosis of irritable bowel remained frequent for many years. In our latest blog we provide answers to current questions.

Click here for the blog (in German)

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